Art by Tanja

Art By Tanja
Passion and inspiration create a powerful team and I’m lucky to offer the result for your benefit.


“A piece of art is a personal statement for both the owner and the maker. 

Expressionism through improvisation to me is a form of self-challenge while being a form of release. My sole motive is to create balance through imbalance. Each work becomes a challenged journey. All the imperfections in my works add to the experimental value of them, creating silent substance. 

Honoring the viewer I seek to lure them into another timeless dimension where a certain awakening happens. The magic is there only if one feels to have been sucked into their own vision. This vision just happened to be created by me. Interpretation is key and it is only accomplished through intuition and crossing paths with viewers who are think-alikers. Knowing of having a minimalistic approach, I distance myself from being compartmentalized. 

I don’t stop painting until I see a concrete evidence of true ambiance revealing. The work has to start breathing on it’s own. There is a thin red line across my works during my career, which is evident through the balance of imbalance, that I always aim to break. Rather than creating an image, the painting equates and becomes an emotion. 


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