Sandra Menant

Sandra Menant
French abstract artist Sandra Menant

Sandra Menant is a full time professional artist, who is working from her studio in London. Through the use of vibrant colours and contrasting textures, she is able to convey emotions and produces highly decorative canvases. Plants and landscapes, especially in tropical settings trigger her imagination and her creativity .

“Sandra’s work displays energy and creativity which translates beautifully from concept to reality. The diversity of themes that Sandra explores demonstrates that rare talent of an artist: the ability to challenge and delight in the same instant.”

“Sandra produces superb creative artwork for clients with specific requirements. Her creations enhance any room and will undoubtedly provide that sought after focal point for those who seek dramatic yet cohesive interior design. The two pieces she produced for me look wonderful and are much admired.”

Sandra’s highly decorative works greatly appeal to professional Interior Designers.  Her colours and textures, with occasional use of brushed steel tubes, perspex tubes or metallic inclusions brighten a space.  Her abstract acrylic paintings are inspiring, some are serene and semi-figurative, inspired by water or plants. Her latest Cuban Series has been integrated in an Interior Design project for Wimbledon Season.  Sandra’s artwork appeals to Hotels, Boutique Hotels and Hospitality spaces, Restaurants and Cafes.

Sandra’s current works are a Volcanic Series on black canvases and the “Lustre ” Series.

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