Rich Fischer

Rich Fischer American Artist
Rich Fischer, American Southwest painter


Art found Rich Fischer in the Grand Canyon many years ago.  He had always been drawn to it but life took him down the traditional American path of marriage and children and he was forced to pursue a career that supported his family.  Then, nothing was working, as if the universe was saying “you’re not on the right path, Rich.”  He found himself in a failed marriage, children pulled away.  Penniless and hopeless, he reached out to a friend in Arizona who immediately said “get out here, you have a place to stay” and Rich set out to change his life.  He had nothing but a garbage bag of clothing.

Soon after arriving in Phoenix, Rich’s dearest friend made him take a trek into the Grand Canyon.  Rich had never hiked anywhere in his life!  There, staring out at the vast layers of sedimentary rock and the snaking Colorado River, Rich felt the power of nature.  Insignificant as a grain of sand to the universe, Rich realized it was his creative side that had been suppressed for too long.  He would go home a changed man, obsessed with learning everything he could about creating fine art.  He found work in the tile and natural stone business which also had the benefit of world travel.  Not only did that pay the bills and his art education, the travel gave him a new perspective.  He painted his own beautiful visions of the canyon that inspired him and scenes from his journeys around the globe.  Everything started to work again.

Today, Rich Fischer is an accomplished fine artist with several national and international awards.  Rich specializes in painting the relational story he sees in everyday subjects whether it is in motion or stationary, realism, nature, or landscapes using acrylic and oils on canvas.  Rich also became profoundly gratified with teaching fine art in his studio. He has reunited with his children and married the woman of his dreams.  He owns his own gallery in Cave Creek, Arizona.  And he makes at least one cathartic trip to the Grand Canyon every year to recharge his artistic spirit.

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