Installation of Winston Roeth “Love Me Like No Other”

Sabelskjold Art Agency was requested to complete a project to hang a custom Winston Roeth piece in a client’s home in Maui, Hawaii.

The project was particularly difficult since there was not a template for this design.  Each individual slate piece needed to be set at exact spacing of 1″.


This piece of art is 10000 times more stunning in person.  “Love Me Like No Other” appears simple at first glance. However once you are settled in the room the piece takes control of your soul.

Individual pieces begin to merge as the art begins to take shape and fills the space. You want to look at it from every angle, moving forward and back.  Watching the light dance and shimmer in space and time.

It was a great honor for me personally to be entrusted in the layout and hanging of such a captivating piece of art.

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