Kim Bosen

Kim Jensen
Kim Bosen Denmark modern abstract artist.


Training: I studied at an art school in Holbaek/dk 1980th I am a trained graphic artist from the graphical highschool in cph/dk 1985. I studied with the Danish painter Kirsten “Maria” Jensen and painter Ann Elisabeth S. Rasmussen. Participated in art courses and in ”the school of life”.

My paintings: I work abstractly and figuratively. My art is strong, wild and worm, expresses a deep silence. Fabulous monsters and creatures have their own life here and “the little creature”/”My littel me”, has often a quiet and sentral place in my figurative&abstract works. I try in my expression to tell about the wild nature, the inexplicable, and the great reality where we as people / individuals find it hard to keep up. I am working “knowingly” in the background, to master the expression that occurs here. I have painted concentrated from 2006 – 2016. Exhibited my art. from: 2010-2016. Sales to companies and private individuals from 2006 – 2015. As a painter, I will be sure to sell quality, therefore I have first exhibited from 2010.

What drives / motivates me: I see art as a way of life! “Visually” I am inspired by the wild roaring music, a shadow, a sense in a photo. The wild music creates the framework for the creative world, where I disappear into.

Exhibitions and sales: Solo exhibitions / Galleries: Month: Year: Gallery: Jan-dec: 2010-12. Private exebitions. March-April. 2012. Olivia. Artyard. Rønneby. Sweden. Sept – October 2012. Jäeger & Johnsson. Planetstaden/Hotel. Lund. Sweden. Sept – October 2012. Gallery FREM. Zealand. Dk. Februar12 – Aug13. 2012-2013. Gallery Præstmark. Cph. Dk. In shed. April 2013 to 2016. Gallery Melefors. Exhibition / Auction. Lindköbing. Sweden. April 2013 to 2016. Gustus. Lilletorget. Malmö. Sweden. In the shed. Sept – October 2014. Jäeger & Johnsson. Medicon Wally. Lund. Sweden. Juky 2014 Gardenexebition. Melby/Denmark. Juni 2014 – Okt15. 2014-2015. Art-daních. Alstermo. Sweden. with others. June-August 2016. Wedex. Allerød. Denmark. July 2016. Gardenexebition. Melby/Denmark. Sale to Firma’s and Private: In Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Corsica, Canada, Japan and China. ps. I have been exebiting with other artists in minor exebitions as well.



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