How is Sabelskjold Art Agency different from other online art galleries?

Sabelskjold Art Agency provides highly personal VIP service.  Rather than scrolling through hundreds of pieces of art on a web page, we want to talk to you!  We consult with you to find out your individual tastes, the space you want to fill with a special piece of art.

Where is the art from?

Sabelskjold Art Agency works with select artists from all over the world.  Each artist creates their special pieces using materials found locally and internationally.  For more information, read about each artist on their biography pages or contact us with additional questions.

How do I get a custom, one of a kind piece of art?

This is our specialty.  We want you to have a remarkable piece of art that you can pass down through generations.  We set up a consultation with you in person or through a video call.  In that meeting we talk about your vision.  From there we talk to the right artists that can bring your vision to life.  We do all the work from negotiating price to shipping the art right to your doorstep.

How much is a commission art piece?  This varies by size, artist, material used and many other factors.  We will discuss budget with you in our consultation.

Can I make payments for my art?  Yes, we work with you and your budget.

When do I pay for my art?  We request a 50% deposit to start any project and 50% is due upon delivery.

Can I get artwork for a charity event?

Yes. Please contact us about your event needs.

Interior Designers and Architects

Where do you provide art services?

We help designers, architects and decorators all over the world.  We have many clients in Europe, Russia, Australia, UK, United States and Canada.

Does Sabelskjold Art Agency offer commercial or public art?

Absolutely!! Our exceptional artists are trained for all types of art displays and many specialize in public art and commercial commissions.

I have a celebrity, high wealth client. Can you offer total discretion?

Our typical client base is high wealth individuals so we are particularly sensitive to their needs and yours.

Can I commission an art piece for my project?

 Please do!  We specialize in personal service to designers and architects to create special art for your clients.

How long does a commission piece take to create?  It varies by artist and project but you should plan to allow a minimum of 6 weeks.


How do you work with artists?

We believe artists need to be represented fairly and have the opportunity to work non exclusively to sell art.  

Can Sabelskjold Art Agency represent my art?  We would love to talk with you about your art and how we can work together.  Please contact us for a consultation.

What are the benefits of working with Sabelskjold Art Agency?

We provide a network of potential buyers and marketing at little or no cost to you.

Do you provide shipping and insurance?  We do not ship art ourselves but we will cover the costs of shipping and insurance to the client.

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