How did the Sabelskjold Art Agency get its start?

Empowering artists-

We have a passion for fine art and the artists that create it.  We believe artists need a better way to expose and represent their art than a traditional brick and mortar store front.  The Sabelskjold Art Agency represents artists and provides international exposure for their captivating work.

One of the most positive impacts of our business model is how the artist is compensated for their work.  The artist is paid the lions share of the purchase price of their art. In traditional galleries most artists are lucky receive 40% of the price paid for their work.

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Personalized client services-

Sabelskjold Art Agency’s number one priority is to create a fantastic relationship between art collector and artist.  We believe in win-win in every interaction we have with clients and artists.

Sabelskjold Art Agency is about customer focused, long term, consultative relationship building.  We believe service is a lost art in today’s society.  We set the bar at the highest level to ensure our collectors receive the most discerning service.

Where does the name Sabelskjold come from?

The word sabel means sword, and skjold means son of Odin.

My ancestor was Swedish and knighted by the King of Sweden, King Gustavus Adolphus. King Adolphus, also known as “Lion of the North,” believed strongly in honor, work, duty, and destiny.

My ancestor is believed to have saved King Adolphus in battle after the King lost his mount. Below is an account of the battle and Carl Sabelskjold’s heroic efforts to save his king.

Carl Jonsson Sabelskjöld (1590 – 1663) was a soldier in the cavalry under King Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolfus) of Sweden. Legend has it that during a battle the king’s horse went down. Carl happened to be in the right place at the right time. He offered the king a ride on his horse and they fought their way out of a tough situation. Legend says also that one man was right handed and the other was left handed. Thus they had swords going both left and right to fight their way out. King Gustav II Adolf was, of course, grateful for Carl’s great act of bravery. In 1617 he knighted him and granted him noble status. The estate known as Bråhult in Kristdala parish became his noble estate.

It is my honor to proudly uphold the Sabelskjold family name.

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Sabelskjold family coat of arms

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Erick Sabelskjold
Managing Director


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