Reviving Old World Art Acquisition

We are bringing back the "old world" in a time where everything is new new new.  Sabelskjold Art Agency is bringing old world values back. 

The new way of collecting art is going to a gallery and picking something off the wall.  The old way of collecting art was to hire the best artist you could find and tell them to create a masterpiece that no one had ever seen. 

We are bringing back this old world way of custom created art for you and you alone.  You are the king and queen of your castle and you deserve the art you want created, not the art you are told you should buy. 

As the French Riviera's premier art agent we welcome you to revel in our first class art experience. 

As a business executive, I couldn't find time to shop for art for my home.  I contacted Sabelskjold Art Agency to see if they could help.  Erick worked with me to discover my style and tastes then proceeded to procure the perfect painting from an artist in Europe.  I am now the proud owner of a one of a kind piece of artwork that my family and I will treasure for a lifetime and beyond.


French Rivera’s premier art agent is bringing old world values to art collecting. We will help you commission the next piece of art you collect.

Sabelskjold Art Agency offers high quality unique services to our clients.  Our services focus on taking your living space from “that is nice” to “WOW”.  There is no better way to set the mood and express yourself  in your home, yacht or office than through art.

Custom Commissioned Art

You know your living and work space better than anyone else. Why wouldn’t you have an internationally collected artist create your vision of art and place it in your home.  The artists that Sabelskjold Art Agency represents specialize in bringing your vision of art to life. We mediate between you and the artist to make sure your vision is created the way you envision it.

Take control of the art you place in your space and be part of the creative process just like the Kings and Queens of the past.

Design and Art Installation

Sabelskjold Art Agency works directly with your interior designer to ensure you acquire the perfect piece of art for your design project.

Sabelskjold Art Agency also provides design services for projects.  It is unfortunate but many times we see a fantastic new room and it’s painfully obvious that the art was the last thing to be thought about.

If they say “The suit makes the man”!  Then your art makes your home have a soul. 

The most often thing over looked when it comes to art is proper placement.  Let us help you hang your new or current art to the best location in the room.  2cm makes all the difference in the world when it comes to fine art hanging.

Service Service Service

Sabelskjold Art Agency’s only focus is on you!

We are a client first company and work very hard to exceed even the most discerning client’s expectations.

We also take privacy extremely serious and provide the highest level of discretion.

If you want to be treated like royalty and looked after like you are family then you should let us show you the true meaning of service.

We are only interested in what our relationship looks like ten years from now and will work hard everyday to make sure you know how special you are to us.

Sabelskjold Art Agency welcomes you to contact us so we can show you a better way of providing services and taking care of clients.

We believe a person’s actions are more important than their word and we respect honesty courage and a sense of adventure.

What you see is what you get.  We don’t have a poker face and that is why we can’t play poker.

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